8Freight returns to production

8Freight has been around a long time. It was designed early in the millennium, and has had what one of our distributors referred to as “the longest pre-production run in history.” There are approximately 100 in the world at present, a tried and tested design helping people solve their transport problems. We have window cleaners, couriers and mums going about their daily journeys by 8Freight, and we have a constant stream of inquiries, from all continents, of people wanting to get hold of one.

The bike is the brainchild of Mike Burrows, the most famous man in bicycle design, and the philosophy of the 8Freight is something very precious to him. The first hundred were made by hand in Norfolk, were frequently adapted to the particular requirements of customers, and when you needed him, the maker was on the other end of the phone. For the last three years we have worked tirelessly to make 8Freight something that could be available to the many people who always got in touch, but who had to hear that the bike was not currently in production, and that none were available. To overcome this, we’ve had to introduce something new to the 8Freight story… a well supported, large scale production run. It’s been a long process getting everything just right, our goals have been to maintain quality, but also to keep the same close relationship with our customers and distributors.

We expect our first delivery of bikes during late 2013/ early 2014, and early shipments are already being snapped-up by people who understand the advantages of the 8 Freight. We’re excited about their arrival, and are looking forward to seeing more moved by bike- not cars.

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