FOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!! (and lots of it)

By: Imogen Church

Published: October 31, 2016

The Shopping Blog…

This blog is mostly about FOOD and the purchasing of it. And FOOD. And the transportation of it. And FOOD. I love FOOD.

One thing that has been ambling through my mind as I cycle around the lanes of Norwich on our 8Freight bicycle, is family food shopping without a car. IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE!?!?!? (yes)

Several people over the years have pointed out to me that should I choose to start a family, I would of course need a car. Obviously for transporting small people because, apparently, bikes are terribly dangerous… as opposed to the universally safe motor vehicle (to be discussed in detail soon, by our exciting guest blogger, the one and only ‘my husband Stephen’), but also for the never ending need to shop or food. Vast quantities of family sized food. And we eat a LOT (you can do that when you cycle everywhere) so there is no doubt we need plenty of grub in our lives.

Pre-8Freight we regularly had food delivered to our door by Mr Sainsbury (other high street supermarket chains are available, just not as orange). The food always arrived promptly, at our door within the chosen one hour delivery slot which suited us, the service was always courteous and the delivery free on orders over £100, which (as previously mentioned) is easy to do when you are a family of four who like FOOD and you shop every few weeks. We would then pick up fresh bits and bobs as we went along. Not a bad way to live!

Now we are 8Freighters though, we can trundle along with swift ease to our local Aldi (other Germanic affordable random middle aisle supermarkets are available, just less likely to offer wetsuits and equestrian equipment in close proximity to affordable aubergines and a small stuffed badger. I think.) So now, instead of a Sunday morning stroll to Aldi for fresh fruit and veg with our three year old (nice), followed by a stagger home under the weight of eighty aubergines and a pair of jodhpurs (not so nice) one of us simply bombs along to our grocery/random item mecca, loads up the 8Frieght and sails home. We can fit a week’s shop for a family of four in the cargo bay and you don’t feel the weight. Poor Mr Sainsbury is feeling very rejected by us, although we may employ him occasionally, just for old time’s sake…

There is no doubt that grocery shopping for a family is not only possible with the 8Freight but also enjoyable, as it gives the hub or I a chance to do the shopping in peace while our smallest stays home. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love it when he opens the grapes and starts eating them, when he pulls sweets off the shelf and tries to sneak them in to the trolley, when he asks repeatedly for the Peppa Pig magazine he saw on the way in and the inflatable canoe on the middle isle… but it is easier and quicker without him. Although the unintended consequence of this is that he then doesn’t get his Sunday morning bicycle ride to Aldi… perhaps, in the near future, Aldi’s random middle aisle will furnish us with a kids treadmill and we can set him up on that (cue Twitter ‘outrage’ storm about my treatment of small children).

So get yourselves a cargo bike, dump the car (not literally) and spend all that money you save on a lifetime’s supply of aubergines and a small horse from Aldi.

Live Long and Cycle!

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