By: Imogen Church

Published: September 15, 2016 (Updated: September 22, 2016)



Welcome to my blog about my shiny new 8Freight Cargo Bike and how I manage family life without a car. Yep, you heard me, without a car. Sans car, no car, carless, not a car in the world! I will be blogging, tweeting, warbling on for a whole year about the wonders and woes of life with an 8Freight bike. The warbling won’t be constant, I won’t warble for literally an entire year, you do get breaks in between, but in order to give you a good idea of cargo biking in all weathers and religious holidays, a year seems like a nice round figure. After that I shall retire and breed canaries. Or badgers.

First of all, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself, which will hopefully make sense of some of the things I’ll be getting up to with the 8Freight. I’m thirty six years old, I’m massive (5’11”), a professional actress (mostly voice work), a graduate academic and a writer. I live in the fine city of Norwich but I work all over the country. I have a brilliant husband called Stephen who is also massive (6’3”) and who has no time (literally and ethically for social media, therefore there will never be any pictures of him on my blog. Although I can of course write about him at-will and he will never know… I have a step daughter who is twelve and a son who is four. As they are not old enough to make an informed decision about whether they want to be on social media or not, there will never be any pictures of them either. Although I am considering a Mexican wrestling mask for my son, to protect his privacy, because part of my weekly life will be sitting him in the 8Freight and pedalling him to school. He would look great and I wouldn’t make him wear it all the time, only for photos, promise. I can legally drive but I wouldn’t advise it as I absolutely hate driving and it took me maaaaany attempts to finally get my licence. I have never owned a car but Stephen has. However, we do not have one and do not want one right now. We love bikes. Our kids love bikes. Bikes are freedom and fresh air. Currently in our garage resides a fleet of bikes. A fleet! But none of them can do what an 8Freight cargo bike can do and as we have a busy busy life, we are getting our cargo on. It hasn’t arrived yet, I am picking it up from the legendary Mike Burrows on Tuesday morning and it shall be the jewel in the crown, the answer to all our prayers, perfection on two wheels… or possibly a MASSIVE waste of money. I feel fairly sure it will be the former but I promise to be honest if it is the latter. I’ll always be honest about our adventures, otherwise the blog will be tripe and you would be better off spending your time eating cheese. Actually, eating cheese is a pretty good way of spending your time. Especially brie.

So stay with me, as I chart our successes and failures, our joys and miseries, the uppers and downers of our cargo bike year.



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