So Long.... Farewell... (sniff)....

By: Imogen Church

Published: February 8, 2018

Well, my cycling friends, whilst I apologise for the loooooooong gap between this and the previous blog (family things got in the way), I must also notify you that this is indeed my FINAL 8Freight blog. I set out to write about family life with a cargo bike for one whole year and that year has soared past without remark because the 8Freight has become such an accepted part of our life. We have had vast amounts of ups and very few downs using a cargo bike as an alternative to a family car and no desire to alter that any time soon.

When I remember wobbling away from the velocipaedic genius Mike Burrows, trying to navigate such an unknown quantity along the backroads of Norfolk, I can't quite believe how carefree I am nowadays, leaping on and off with the ease of an Autumn Vole scaling a Badger. I remember our first school run, my son in the back lapping up the adoration as people stared, called out compliments and generally gave props to the greatest ride a four year old can hope for. The first Supermarket run, to our favourite, Aldi (who by the way NEED to be the first supermarket to do home deliveries by bike. Come on Aldi, cement your reputation for awesomeness, buy a fleet of 8Freights and get your staff pedalling, even if you only deliver booze! Do it! Do it NOW!) where it took a few runs to learn exactly how much stuff would fit in the bike, but which indeed could take enough to feed a family of four for a week. The time I cycled my son to an out of city birthday party, the bike festooned with cake and a balloon on the way home. The time I wore hot pants for a week to celebrate my Wonder Woman thighs after cycling not one but TWO children home from school in it. My son snuggled up with a teddy and a blanket in the back when it got really cold. Oh, and the solid gold toilet brush we bought with the money we saved by not running a car...

Any cargo bike and certainly an 8Freight is not cheap but when you see the quality of the design and the durability of the parts, you realise you are in the for the long hall, after which the initial outlay turns to peanuts. Not literally, although I do love a peanut... If you have the ability to leave your car behind too then that outlay seems even less compared to the money you can save. As long as you live somewhere with half decent transport links and/or a car club for occassionals you CAN do it and it will actually liberate you. You will be healthier, fitter, richer and smugger about the environment you are leaving for your children. Also, you will get to buy yourself an amazing helmet and an enormous bell. Remember, keep your tyres well pumped (if they get too low a bump can trigger the kickstand), the turning circle will take a little time to get used to and, most tragically, you CANNOT, I repeat canNOT bunny hop off curbs with it, but these small elements aside, I do think getting yourself an 8Freight could change your life.

It has definitely changed ours.

Live Long and Prosper,


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