Case Studies

Ishø, Mum, London

Ishø uses an 8 Freight Cargo Bike to take her children to school, or trips to the park or shops. Ishø says it’s the easiest and cheapest way to get around in the city. With the 8 Freight’s design, her children ride securely behind the rider, so that she can see the traffic first at junctions, rather than placing her children in harm’s way first.

Catherine, Outspoken Delivery, Cambridge

Outspoken Delivery have the largest fleet of 8 Freight Cargo Bike’s circulating the city of Cambridge for six years now, covering +10,000’s miles and delivering everything for many customers who want their deliveries rapidly but not pollute the beautiful Cambridge city.

Andre, Media Hire Company, London

AV2 delivers media hire equipment across London. They estimate 8 Freight Cargo Bike to be about four times faster than a car in the city. The management admits that they were never cyclists before, but believe the efficiency of 8 Freight Bike is five times that of a van, saving £3000 a year in congestion charging, and more still in fines and parking tickets.

Anna, Grocery Deliveries, London

Anna delivers vegetables and produce using an 8Freight. The weight of the shopping is rarely very heavy, making 8Freight an efficient delivery option that has proven very popular with customers.

Peter, Gardener, Norfolk

Peter’s company, The Jobbing Gardener, has been on 8Freight for five years. He rides between the villages of rural Norfolk, sometimes towing a lawnmower on a trailer behind his 8Freight. Peter is always carrying tools and buckets of earth and feels his chosen mode of transport has been a great advert for his business.

Richard, Florist, London

Richard has his flowers delivered by 8Freight. He believes that the flowers arrive in better condition and that customers love the novelty of bicycle delivery. Richard saves time and money by not having to insure employees on the company van and believes that bicycle delivery helps make London a nicer place to live and work