Best 50cc Dirt Bikes for Kids

The 50cc dirt bike is considered ideal for kids ranging from ages 4-7 years in the market; hence, the smallest and gas-powered. Choosing for your kid the best 50cc dirt bike that they will use to train in dirt bike riding is usually a challenging task for many.

You need to do plenty of research from the brand to the safety of kids over the many years that dirt bikes have existed. Below is detailed information about the best 500cc motorcycles that you might consider purchasing for your kid.

Making the right decision about finding the best beginner dirt bikes for your kid is a bit overwhelming, but we have compiled the best list of 50cc bikes that will preferably be of choice to your need.

  • Cobra CX50 O1
  • KTM 50 SX Mini
  • Yamaha PW50

50cc Dirt Bike Maintenance

The 50cc Dirt Bike is either gas or electric powered. Less maintenance gets required for electric-powered bikes, unlike gas dirt bikes.

Two-stroke engine motorcycle requires more attention and need fixing more often than four-stroke engine bikes. Call an expert to repair and service your dirt bike because they are more knowledgeable in the area.

Why You Should Buy 50cc Dirt Bikes For Kids

50cc Dirt bikes are an ideal way where kids and parents to get involved in biking at reasonably low costs. They are intended for off-road use only and not meant to be street-legal; hence, available with gas-powered or electric engines.

The 50cc bike has training wheels and a throttle limiter that will help you decide on what speed your kid can use when they learn to ride.

The dirt bikes from significant brand companies are the best to use in the introduction of your junior to dirt biking. You will be able to cushion them from the occasional falls and ensure that they are well-equipped to take any risks with the fitted safety gears that come along with the bike.

How 50cc Dirt Bikes Work

The 50cc Dirt bikes have a maximum speed limit that ranges between 25-40 miles per hour. The speeds might seem dangerous for kids to handle, but most would not reach the maximum speed set.

The throttle limiter gets set to a certain preferred level of speed as well as switching the bike to the second gear to avoid riding to maximum speeds. You can set the throttle limit by merely screwing up the bolt that sticks out under the throttle. Hence it won’t allow any widen open.

Best 50cc Dirt Bike Buying Guide

Dirt biking is one of the favorite sports for kids; dirt bike riding is an excellent outdoor activity. Children enjoy the thrill that comes with dirt bikes, and as a parent, you need to pick an appropriate motorcycle that has customizations for your kids’ needs and preferences.

Several factors may determine your choice before you spend your money.


Check for an appropriate dirt bike that allows its torque to be adjusted. Most 50cc bikes come with very high torque, which is not preferable for kids, but a motorcycle with adjustable torque will be ideal for purchase.

Engine type

The best 50cc bikes for kids either come with four-stroke or two-stroke engines. Preferably, the four-stroke engine is the best choice for children and involves a piston moving twice in every rotation of a crankshaft.

It results in smooth acceleration that your kid needs and not experience with unexpected stops or bounce spaces that might occur in two-stroke engine bikes. The four-stroke engines also provide a more comfortable and pleasant ride.

Kids experience

Age and the experience of kids are usually essential factors to consider.

Kids that do not have any experience in dirt biking should get bikes that have training wheels that offer safety measures of the automatic clutch and speed transmission.

Skilled kids; it would be best to find them dirt bikes with integrated manual clutch and gear settings. This type of bike will enable him to gain a much higher level of experience and a more significant preparation of professional dirt bike riding if they are interested in continuing with the sport.

Price of the bike

A dirt bike price will depend on its brand and different features. The more expensive a bike becomes with, the more features that it has, and costs vary among the different brands in the market despite some having similar characteristics.

Cheap dirt bikes are more suitable for kids who are beginners. Set up a budget to know how much you can spend on purchasing a 50cc recommendable dirt bike, which has ideal factors.


Choose bikes in terms of your kid’s right age. You might end up buying a bike that supposedly will not be a good fit for your tallboy or girl, or their weight differs from the motorcycle features.

The height of the seat is crucial during the guide to purchasing dirt bikes. A rider must be able to touch the ground with both feet while starting their motorcycle.

Starter systems

Most 50cc dirt bikes in the market come with the electric start model, which is the on and off switch. However, more powerful bikes have the kick start system, which makes them more suitable, and you should educate your child on how they can properly execute them.

Best 50cc Dirt Bikes for Kids Reviews

Here are our recommendations for the best 50cc for kids:

Cobra CX50 O1

The Cobra CX50 O1 dirt bike gets well equipped with a sprocket drive and chain system, making this motorcycle suitable for racing if the factory chain guard gets removed. Cobra is the only dirt bike in the market that is water-cooled by having a small radiator at the front of the fuel tank to allow cooling of the two-stroke engine.

The secure bike is accessible in racetracks due to the oil-injection class’s competition.


  • Weighs 79 pounds
  • 50cc engine
  • Electric –start system
  • 22-inch seat height


  • Lightweight
  • Fast
  • Durable
  • Has a cooling system


  • Seat-height is high

KTM 50 SX Mini

KTM 50 SX Mini is a modern, well-equipped dirt bike that has an effortless designed to suit kids—characterized by KTM grips and the aluminum handlebars that can still change.

The technology used in its design makes it have fast power delivery from a two-stroke kick start engine. The three-shaft engine keeps the crankshaft near the models center of gravity hence ease in handling and production of maximum performance.


  • Wave-disc hydraulic brake system
  • 49cc engine
  • Aluminum handlebars
  • Three-shaft designed engine


  • Easy handling
  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly
  • Lower seats


  • Frequent maintenance

Yamaha PW50

The PW50 comes with a low seat, a no-shift fully automatic transmission adjustable, and throttle control. The dirt bike is of entry-level, designed to help young riders learn how to bike.

Yamaha PW50 is a two-stroke bike with 50cc, proven to be friendly among the best dirt bikes for kids. The throttle control acts as a safety feature that allows parents to limit their kids’ top speed, hence, suit the rider’s skills.


  • 50cc engine
  • Weighs 82 pounds
  • 19-inch seat height
  • Two-stroke engine


  • User-friendly
  • Has throttle control
  • Durable
  • Efficient due torque


  • Not very strong