How to Make a Dirt Bike Quieter

If you’re a dirt bike enthusiast, you love the sound of your bike tearing through the woods. You want to know the joy and freedom of riding the bike, but you don’t want it to be too loud for your neighbors or other people who don’t appreciate hearing it.

So, what can you do? Well, there are a few modifications you can apply to make your dirt bike quieter without having to invest in a new one. Here’s how to make your bike quieter without sacrificing performance.

Why is my dirt bike so loud?

There are several factors that make your dirt bike very loud. It’s hard to state the main culprit of the noise clearly, but they all contribute to the loudness of the dirt bike.

Revolutions per Minute (RPM)

The sound of your dirt bike may depend on how slower or faster the bike moves. For example, a 2-stroke bike will produce noise depending on its adjustable power valves. This means that if the valves open at various RPMs, the bike will make varying noise levels.

Conversely, a 4-stroke bike will have a similar variation of the noise levels, but this is created by the carburetor settings. In other words, the noise will be determined by the width and length of the carburetor.

Mufflers and pipes

Mufflers and pipes are responsible for the loud noise in dirt bikes. The noise can get higher depending on the type of mufflers you’ve installed on your bike.

The pipes in your dirt bike come in different lengths, causing a quicker burst of energy to escape the bike. When the bike’s pipes are shorter, the engine is quickly outputted, thus producing a loud sound than those with proper lengths.

Wear and Tear

It’s not always the parts in your dirt bike that create the loud noise, but also how old and often the bike has been used. With continuous use and age, parts start to wear down, leading to undesirable noises from the bike.

If you don’t do proper maintenance, the parts will grind upon one another and produce some loud noises.

So, how do I make a dirt bike quieter?

Check for holes in your exhaust system

One of the top reasons behind your dirt bike’s exhaust producing loud noise is the presence of holes in it. Therefore, start by inspecting the exhaust pipe for any holes and seal them to see if they will reduce the noise. How to fix the holes depends on the size of holes/leaks.

Replace the muffler with a new one

A muffler is designed to keep the dirt bike’s noise output at manageable levels. Most modern dirt bikes come with factory-installed mufflers, but remember that not all companies install high-quality mufflers since it will cause a spike in prices.

Therefore, you should invest in a new, better-quality muffler on your dirt bike if you want to reduce noise. However, ensure that the muffler you choose aligns with your bike’s specifications. If you want to enjoy speed while still maintaining low noise, go for a full system exhaust including, the header, muffler, and mid-pipe.

Buy a silencer

A silencer is an extra strategy to minimize the amount of noise produced by your muffler. It functions by minimizing the size of the exhaust hole to eliminate noise without compromising combustion and emission of gases from your bike.

When buying a silencer, check the specs of your exhaust pipe since you’ll be inserting it inside the pipe. Ensure that the silencer’s outer diameter is slightly smaller than the inner diameter of your pipe.

Clean your exhaust pipes

Dirty exhaust pipes are known to produce loud noises. Apart from the noise emitted, the bike becomes less efficient, with reduced horsepower and dark smoke. If your exhaust pipes are dirt, visit your local dirt bike shop for repairs.

Wrap the exhaust pipe

High-quality exhaust wrap can significantly minimize the vibrations and frequencies of sound waves and thus reducing the amount of sound produced. These wraps have durable construction and tend to withstand high temperatures on your exhaust system and the tough conditions you ride in. The best thing about exhaust wraps is that they are affordable and easy to install, so you don’t need to hire a professional to help you out.

Buy a new exhaust pipe

If all the above tips don’t work out, perhaps you need to replace your dirt bike’s exhaust pipes with new ones. If your dirt bike has a dual exhaust system, I’d suggest you install cross pipes. These pipes do a great job of minimizing noise by mixing the sound plus exhaust emerging from the two systems.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t want to annoy your neighbors or prefer quiet rides, then use a combination of these tricks to silence your dirt bike. Start with a simple inspection of the exhaust system to see if there are any leaks. If the exhaust is fine, try out the other soundproofing tricks until you solve the noise problem.