Questions to Ask When Buying a Dirt Bike

For a beginner, it can be a bit challenging to choose the right bike. Although there are tons of options when buying a dirt bike, you may end up getting more confused. Fortunately, there are several questions you can ask before buying your favorite dirt bike.

Here’s a list of questions you need to ask when buying a dirt bike.

Questions you need to Ask When Buying a Dirt Bike

What is my budget?

Before heading out to look for a dirt bike, the first thing to do is to set your budget. The quality of the dirt bike you want will determine the amount of money you will spend. This will save you time for looking at other bikes that have a higher budget than your savings.

If you’re operating on a budget, you can go for a used bike. Sometimes, bikers sell their bikes to get a bigger one. In such a case, you will land a gem within your budget.

Can I get financing to buy a dirt bike?

Acquiring a dirt bike loan is similar to obtaining a car loan. Your credit score will determine your loan options. If you get your favorite bike, you can use the dirt bike’s details to seek dirt bike financing approval.

However, this option may tempt you to choose a bike that’s outside your budget or above an amount you can handle.

What is the true value of the dirt bike?

You need to determine the true worth of the bike to negotiate the right price properly. Do extensive research on some bike sales websites to know the value of a dirt bike in good and bad conditions with similar mileage.

What type of dirt riding will I be doing?

If you prefer riding in the dirt and on the road, don’t go for a Motorcross. Choose a road-compliant dual-sport dirt bike that can handle dirt trails and road conditions.

If you’ll be riding on dedicated dirt trails, a Motorcross is not the best bet because they are too peaky in the forest, go for an Enduro. The point is to choose the right bike for your style of riding.

Should I buy new or used ones?

If you’re new to riding a dirt bike, you can choose a good quality used bike to help you learn and discover the joys of off-road riding. If you’re an experienced rider, ride competitively, and have the money, then a new dirt bike is a great choice.

However, this boils down to your budget and what type of riding experience you want in your first dirt bike purchase.

If buying used, why they’re selling it?

Of course, as with any secondhand item, there are always risks in buying a used dirt bike. Therefore, you should approach these bikes with diligence and care. Take your time and enquire why the bike is being sold.

You need to enquire about the buying year and any information regarding damages. You should also ask which parts are original and which brand replaced the distorted parts.

What is the Dirt Bike’s maintenance schedule?

You also need to ask for the maintenance book to know how many times the bike visited a servicing center and how the owner cared for the dirt bike. If the bike has a good record book, this will indicate how passionate the owner is about the bike.

Does the seller have the bike’s original papers?

The most crucial question to ask is whether the bike has its original papers. The bike may belong to them or be stolen from somewhere. If you buy a used dirt bike without its documents, you may face the law soon.

Things You Need To Check While Buying a Used Dirt Bike

  • Tires: The state of the tires can give you insights into how well the used dirt bike is taken care of. Cracked and crooked rims mean the bike has been poorly maintained.
  • Frame: The frame is like the skin of the body. You can see the devastation and scratches if the bike is smashed. Check from the rear to view if the subframe is bent or in good condition.
  • Chain: Check the condition of the chain by moving it using your fingers. If the chain moves smoothly, the chain is in good condition. If the chain is worn out, this means it needs a replacement.
  • Bearings: Move the wheel sidewise and check if there’s any slope while moving it. If you need one, replace the bearings with high-quality bearings.
  • Brakes: Check the condition of the brakes by looking at their pad. Also, look at the brake fluid in the master cylinder. If it’s dirty or low, the bike needs some cleaning.


Dirt bikes are enticing and pretty, but you need to be keen when buying one. You don’t want to buy a bike that breaks after a few days. Fortunately, the above tips will help you choose a bike that will not fail when you hit the road.