Does a Dirt Bike Need a Front Fender?

Have you ever looked at your dirt bike and thought, “Can I ride a dirt bike without a front fender?” Although they can be awkward-looking, fenders are among the most crucial parts of owning a dirt bike.

Let’s look at why adding a front fender to your dirt bike is right for you.

What’s a fender on a dirt bike?

A fender is basically a covering for your dirt bike tires that protects you from the rain. Using fenders will protect you and the engine from a streak of muddy water, rocks, and pebbles as you ride around.

So, is a front fender necessary on a dirt bike?

This is dependent on the state you reside. Therefore, you should ensure that your state doesn’t have fender removal restrictions.

Each state has its law regarding bikes and vehicles. What is legal in some states could be illegal in others. You should be aware of what’s legal in your specific state so that you don’t end up being fined.

If you plan on ever riding your dirt bike in the mud or the rain, a front fender is a must-have. However, if you like transporting your bike in your car and removing the front wheel daily, then fenders may not be for you.

Pros of having a front fender on a dirt bike

If you don’t find the front fender useful, here are some pros of having one. For beginners, some dirt bikes use the front fender for stabilization. The front fender balances the force between the forks in your dirt bike. If the bike lacks this support, you can get the worst speed wobble.

However, not all dirt bikes use the front fender in this manner. Therefore you need to check the specific model and make to ensure your bike doesn’t rely on the front fender for speed.

The front fender also protects you and the engine from whatever the road throws at you. Your tires will throw sand, pebbles, and rocks as you ride. The front fender will shield you and the engine from the impact of those pebbles and rocks. If your bike’s spark plug is exposed, the front feeder will protect it from damage.

Lastly, some bike enthusiasts love their dirt bikes with a front fender. If you like the looks of your bike with a front fender, just feel free to install it on your dirt bike.

Cons of having a front fender on a dirt bike

Of course, to every advantage, there is a corresponding disadvantage. Here are some cons of having a front fender:

Some bikers remove their front tire severally. This is especially true if you tend to carry your bike in the back of your car or want to put the bike on top of a car. If the front fender is installed, it won’t save the space you need. Additionally, a front fender can change the appearance of your dirt bike, which is a turn-off for some bike enthusiasts.

Why don’t dirt bikes just come with fenders?

Not every biker likes fenders on their dirt bikes, and because of this, some manufacturers tend to skip them and allow riders to decide if they want them or don’t. Most fenders are relatively cheap and easy to install.

Additionally, installing fenders on dirt bikes may mean an additional cost. Therefore, most manufacturers will not install fenders to help maintain the price.


Can I take the fenders off my dirt bike?

Yes, it’s possible to take off and ride your dirt bike without fenders. The fenders can be removed on all dirt bikes. You can easily take off the fenders without deflating the tires or removing the wheels.

Can I ride a dirt bike without a front fender?

Yes. However, riding without a front fender is risky and unpleasant. If you’re riding on a rough road, you risk being hit by rocks and pebbles unless you’re covered by a full-face helmet and goggles.

Is a rear fender required in a dirt bike?

Every dirt bike needs a rear fender to shield you from mud, sand, and other particles thrown by the rear wheel while riding on rough trails.

How do I choose dirt bike fenders?

Check the tire width, usually printed on the side of your wheel, and choose a fender that’s 8mm wider than the tire. For instance, if you have a 42mm tire, go for a fender that’s 50mm wide.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a “fair weather” rider, you can ride without fenders, but if you’re a serious rider who likes hitting wet trails or in a desert climate, you should invest in a front fender. Fenders make a huge difference when you’re riding on roads that are wet from recent rain, drizzle, or snowmelt.