What to Wear Under Dirt Bike Gear?

Dirt biking is a fantastic hobby. It’s a great sporting activity that gives you a chance to put your skills to the test. Whether you are an enduro rider, competitive motocross rider, or love hitting the trailing, there are some key essentials that you shouldn’t miss on every trip.

Whether you’re preparing for a competition or want to hit an unmarked dirt trail, here’s what you need to have before you hop on your bike.

Some of the must-have dirt bike gear

Riding your dirt bike without the proper gear can lead to discomfort or, in the worst-case scenario, potential injury or early retirement. Here are some dirt bike gears that will keep you comfortable and well-protected.

Comfortable Helmet

It’s always a good idea to wear a comfortable, high-quality helmet on a dirt bike. When potholes come from nowhere, and mud starts flying from all directions, you need a helmet to keep you safe. As a beginner, you can easily lose control, and a helmet will be an excellent safety gear.

When shopping for a helmet, you need to ensure that it comes with a certified safety rating, durable shell, ventilation, comfortable padding, and a range of sizes. You also need to look for premium bike goggles to keep you safe from mud, rain, and debris.

Dirt Bike Pants

Whether you’re riding on trails or motocross, a pair of jeans won’t be safe. Comfort, flexibility, and all-weather performance are crucial features of high-quality dirt bike gear, and pants are no exception.

Dirt bike pants are a must-have for every rider because they are designed to withstand tears and snags and allow a wide range of movement. Ensure that the pants you choose will be comfortable and stand up to any element thrown at them.

If you like adventure riding and trailing, choose harder wearing enduro pants. For competitive riding, choose a lightweight, hi-tech material that will keep sweat and moisture away and won’t restrict your movement.

Dirt Bike Boots

A dirt bike boot is designed to offer maximum comfort and protection when hitting the trails. A high-quality boot enduro or motocross boot should provide maximum protection to your ankle, entire foot, and lower leg.

When riding your dirt bike, your lower legs and feet are highly vulnerable. Stones, mud, branches, water, and other objects fly at you at high speed. Therefore, if you lack a high-quality boot, you’re likely to get injured.

Quality bots will have armor and compression zones designed to absorb impact and enclose your ankle joints while maintaining flexibility.


Never compromise the safety of your hands. Some people may claim that a pair of dirt bike gloves are a luxury, but you’ll appreciate the benefits that come with having one. Despite the textured grips on your bike, mud, water, and other slippery materials can make you lose control without gloves.

Dirt bike gloves are among the most affordable way to stay safe and in control, making them a great choice for beginners.

Roost Guards, Chest Protectors, and Body Armor

Chest protection and roost guards have some similarities and differences. Chest protectors are also called body armor and offer more coverage to trail riders exposed to trees, roots, logs, and rocks.

Motocross riders usually use roost guards, and this kind of protection offers light coverage at the back and on the chest. The main objective of a roost guard is to protect you from roost and other debris shot at you by another rider.

Knee Braces

Knees tend to be highly affected by impact when you’re riding off-road. The continuous compression forces when landing jumps and uneven terrains can affect your knees. Knee braces are designed to reduce tear and wear and provide stability on the bike.

Knee damages are common in riding and can cause long-life problems. Therefore, putting on knee bracers is a no-brainer.

What to wear under dirt bike gear

Under the vest

The most important thing when dirt biking is to be safe and comfortable. You’ll need an under-armor shirt, a soft padded vest style, and a sports bra for ladies to provide you with the comfort you need when riding your bike.

Under the pants

You don’t need a lot of protection under your pants, but it’s advisable to wear under-armor compression pants to ensure that you won’t have any friction, movement, or chafing. You can also put on padded shorts, knee guards, and regular boxers.

In the boots

You also need to put on some long socks under your dirt bike boot. These socks will offer sufficient padding to your legs and minimize heat. Additionally, they can wick away sweat and moisture.

Final Thoughts

Dirt biking can be a tough activity, and you can expect falls and crashes. However, if you invest in the right gear, you’re guaranteed comfort and safety at all times. So before you hit the road, ensure you’re wearing the right equipment.