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Meet the Guru! Mike Burrows New Book Launch Event 16.09.16

Meet The Cycling Guru ! Mike Burrows NEW book out NOW - launch event this Friday 16th. Come to Mike Burrow's bike experts Bike Fix in Central london. Being held on Friday 16th September

New Electric 8 Freight Cargo bike helping at the Allotment

New Electric 8 Freight Cargo bike helping at the Allotment

Zero Nox supermarket run

Helping London reduce Nox with a run this morning to the supermarket with keen helper!

New Films on 8 Freight Cargo Bike

Well done Bruna Martini and Julian Sayerer for two new films on the 8 Freight Cargo bike and her Designer, Mike Burrows.

8 Freight Bike on 'Speed'- with Guy Martin

It is brilliant to see the 8 Freight's desginer Mike Burrows solving several problems for Guy's 'Speed' TV series challenge on Channel 4....not giving the game away - see the link;

8 Freight for Mums (and Dads)

As the 8 Freight Cargo bike excels at getting precious items from A to B quickly, safely and with no diesel fumes, the 8 freight is also perfect for children....

Come see 8 Freight Cargo Bike at the Bath City Xmas Market

If you live in Bath, come down to the Xmas market to learn how you can get rid of your 2nd Car this Xmas

'De Stentor' Newspaper Review

De Stentor Newspaper from Holland reviewed the 8 Freight Bike back in 2005

Selected for a 'Cycle Revolution'

Come down to London's Design Museum to see the Cycle Revolutions Show - where the 8 Freight proudly features. Show opens November 18th.

York Rally

The place to be for all true cycling fans is of course the York Rally and yes we will be there with Bikefix presenting 8 Freights in all their splendour and glory.

Spin London 2015 Video

Hello 8 Freighters, we had a very successful Spin LDN which was also our first big cycle show. Many of you came down to the event and it was nice meeting past and future customers and fans.

Spin London Urban bike show

Hey fans of 8 Freights bikes, this is the last day of Spin LDN and all weekend it’s been amazing sharing the test track with Bikefix, Swifty Scooters, Airnimal and all the trikes and recumbents.

Time to get up close and personal with the lightest fastest cargo bike on the market

We will be at Spin London 2015 where you can try out the new 8 Freight Cargo Bikes and also see the variety of accessories available to our customers from 8th-10th May 2015

Exciting times for 8Freight

Okay 8 Freighters and potential 8 Freighters we will be going to Bike Expo, Manchester 2015

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Ready to deliver!

We have bikes for sale or for rent. Call Denise to arrange a test ride.

8Freight returns to production

8Freight has been around a long time. It was designed early in the millennium, and has had what one of our distributors referred to as “the longest pre-production run in history.”

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