Technical Features

There are no accidents in the 8Freight design, everything appears as it is for a reason. We know that not everybody is interested in technical details, so here’s what those details mean for you.

Flexible Cargo Area

The 8 Freight Bike’s cargo area is low and behind the rider- so long (and bushy) items like trees or boxes can be carried without obscuring the rider. The cargo area is integral to the frame – giving a secure area measuring 70 x 54x 25 cm.

Powermatic Deluxe Kick-Stand

Another unique feature of the 8 Freight Cargo Bike is the cable-released gas strut to release the stand. Operated with its own handlebar control, the Stand pops into action enabling you to steady any heavy loads.

Easy Ride – even when loaded

The 8 Freight Cargo Bike is a pleasure to ride – with or without heavy loads. The relaxed, comfortable ride is the result of decades of experimentation by Mike Burrows to find the perfect head angle (80 degrees) meaning it is an easy bike to adapt to.

20-inch wheels

Small wheels are stronger than big wheels. They also take less energy to start rolling, meaning that the 8Freight pulls away comfortably even under heavy loads.

7000-Series Aluminium

The strongest commercially-available aluminum alloy, so that your 20-kilogram bike can regularly shift 50 kilograms of weight, with a maximum capacity of 100 kilograms.

Narrow Width

The width is only 60cm so that you can cut through traffic as if you were on a standard bicycle.